What is Water Alkalinity? Why Does it Natter?

The telephone rings. The floriculture / greenhouse Extension specialist answers the call. On the other side a grower relates that his plants have a nutritional problem: most of the leaves are turning a pale yellow, especially the new ones. The grower indicates that he is applying sulfuric acid because the pH of the water is 7.8. When the Extension specialist asks what the alkalinity of the water is, the grower replies that he has no idea. This imaginary situation is based on reality. Many Extension Educators all over the country have similar experiences: usually, growers do not have a clear understanding of what can cause increases in substrate pH, and that water alkalinity, rather water pH, is the source of the problem. What is the cause of this situation? Where is the source of the confusion?

The purpose of this article is to help growers differentiate between “high pH” and “high alkalinity”.  Click in the link below to read the entire article.

For further infomation, download What is Water Alkalinity.pdf