Insects and Artropods

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Title Published on
Broad Mites May 2007
Whiefly Biotype Q May 2005
Eriophyid Mites October 2005
Insecticide Resistance February 2004
Insect Update March 2004
Spray Solution pH April 2004
Insect Update - Aphids June 2004
Mites & Insects Update December 2003
The Dilemma of Tank-Mixing September 2002
Using Yellow Sticky Traps April 2001
Bulb Mites December 2000
Thrips Article Update October 2000
Mealybugs - Updated Article August 2000
Pesticide Application Equipment March 2000
Beneficials of the Month December 1999
Predatory Ladybird Beetles August 1999
Benficials of the Month: Predatory Mites April 1999
Potato Wedges and Fungus Gnat Larvae April 1999
Several non-insects, near insects, and possible insect pests December 1998
Caterpillars (Lepidoptera) September 1998
Pest of the Month: Spider Mites May 1998