Be aware of Microsoft Word

<h2>Why to be aware of Microsoft Word?</h2>
<p>Microsoft Word is a great tool for creating documents and in most cases, you may create good looking documents by using its pre-defined styles and other content formatting tools that comes with it.&nbsp; But, most of the styles applied to the content within the word document are compatible only with Microsoft Products. With this said and when you copy content from a Microsoft Word document or other Microsoft Products such as Publisher, Power Point and Excel onto the HTML editor, the styles applied to the document are carried over to the content that you are creating in your website which, it will cause some compatibility issues related to how links work, how header and tables are shown, and so forth. In some cases, it will affect how content is layout on the body of a page.</p>
<p>Fortunately, there is a solution for this. The HTML editor used in your website have a feature called &quot;Paste from Word&quot;. When looking for this feature in the editor's toolbar, you will find it using this icon:</p>
<p class="rtecenter"><span class="inline inline-center"><img width="113" height="109" class="image image-listing " title="Paste from Word icon" alt="Paste from Word icon" src="http://ohioflori.temp/sites/ohioflori/files/d6/files/images/photos/paste... /><span class="caption"><strong>Paste from Word icon</strong></span></span></p>
<h2>How do I use the &quot;Paste from Word&quot; feature?</h2>
<p>Before continuing, I'm assuming the following is true:</p>
<li>You have a Word document opened with the content that you want to copy from.</li>
<li>You are logged into your website and you have a page or article ready to dump the content into.</li>
<p>Allright, here are the steps on how to use the &quot;Paste from Word&quot; feature:</p>
<li>Looking at the content in Word, highlight all of its content, using your keyboard by pressing and hollding down the key &quot;CTRL&quot; (Control) then press the letter &quot;A&quot;. If you are using a Mac, use the &quot;Command&quot; key instead of the &quot;Control&quot; Key</li>
<li>Now go to your web browser and looking at HTML editor, locate the &quot;Paste from Word&quot; icon and click on it.</li>
<li>A pop up window will show on your screen then, paste the content&nbsp; that you copied from Word into the indicated area shown on the window. <br />
<span class="inline inline-center"><img width="372" height="317" class="image image-mini " title="Paste from Word Window" alt="Paste from Word Window" src="http://ohioflori.temp/sites/ohioflori/files/d6/files/images/photos/paste... /><span class="caption"><strong>Paste from Word Window</strong></span></span></li>
<li>To Paste the content you can:<br />
<li>Right click on the Area within the &quot;Paste from Word&quot; window and select the option Paste (If you are using a Mac, press and hold the CTRL then click on your mouse to make the quick menu show.)</li>
<li>Or, using your keyboard, you may press and hold down the &quot;CTRL&quot; and the letter &quot;V&quot; to paste the content. If you are using a Mac, use the &quot;Command&quot; key instead of the CTRL key.</li>
<li>Click on the OK button.</li>
<p>Great, let's now move onto the next step, which is &quot;<a target="_self" href="http://ohioflori.temp/website-documentation/managing-content/fckeditor-y..., your friendly HTML editor for adding/editing content</a>&quot;.</p>